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Goat and Bear Men's Grooming

The Walton Hydration Spray

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The Walton was formulated to ensure all goatees and beards never see another dry day again. Our award winning product not only hydrates the goatee or beard, but it also promotes healthy skin. 

By using the product daily, not only will your goatee or beard remain hydrated but certified organic therapeutic aromas will refresh your mind. 


Hydrosol - relieves skin from dryness

Aloe Glycerin - hydrates your skin and prevent dry, itchy skin and minor skin irritations

Lemon Oil - provides therapeutic aroma of re-freshness

Sandalwood Oil - encourages hair growth while increasing shine and preventing hair dryness

Carrot Seed Oil - promotes facial hair repair from dehydration. Helps even skin tone.

There's many other benefits in the ingredients but we don't want to lose your attention span.


Over 200 sprays per bottle

Modern Man Suggestion

We suggest spraying morning and evening. We also know life can throw business meetings, workouts, and dates your way too. Use The Walton during those times too. If you desire to wet face before applying, use cold to warm water. Hot water can be abrasive and can strip face of natural oils. Although we are adding oils back into the skin, we don't want you to have those problems.